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Name: Navarat

Location: Newtown, Bristol

Service: Spas

Languages: English, Thai


Hi. I'm Navarat, a qualified and certified female massage therapist in Bristol where I provide professional Thai and oil massages. I am from Bangkok - Thailand, and I was studying massages in the country. Navarat Thai Massage and Spa is based in Totterdown - Bristol, around 15 minutes walk from Temple Mead station or about 15 minutes drive from the city centre. 💆‍♂️

💰 Kindly check the price and my services below:
- Traditional Thai Full Body Massage for stretching, healing pain and stiffness; £45 for 60 minutes.
- Oil spa massage £45 for 60 minutes. There are more options for the basic oil massage which include hot stone massage and aroma oil.
- Foot massage with reflexology & Leg massage. Head and Shoulder can be optionally included with the same price; £45for 60 minutes.
- Face spa - with deep cleansing, facial scrub, facial massage, mask and facial streaming; £45 for 60 minutes.
- Body scrub £45 for 60 minutes.
- Hair Removal, hot wax, strip wax for the body, eyebrows, nose, and face threading. Kindly ask for the price up to time spending.

🌟 The price for 90 minutes booking is 65 pounds and the price for 2 hours booking is 85 pounds. You can mix and match the treatments if your booking is long up to 90 minutes or 2 hours. 🌟

💆‍♂️ There is Free parking, bathroom facilities. Open 7 days a week from 9am. - 8pm.

Note: Please be aware that our services are strictly therapeutic in nature, and we do not provide any inappropriate or unprofessional services.

8 Reasons To Book A Professional Thai Massage In Bristol

When should we decide to go in for a professional massage in Bristol? And who said that massage can help relieve aches and pains only!? Many people may have noticed that there are many types of massage such as Thai, aromatherapy, Swedish, sports, etc. Each type of massage has a different effect on healing and relieving symptoms. which of course Massage is definitely not the only pain relief. This article has compiled 8 main reasons that will give you the answer to why massage.

  1. Relieve stress- massage not only helps to relax body aches and pains but can also relax the mind from various stresses. Thus making us feel more clear, especially the aroma massage This will make you feel relaxed with a gentle massage with the use of essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers. I can assure you that when you massage with aromatherapy. You will be ready to go back to live life again and again.
  2. Relieve pain and Fatigue - massage can relieve pain and fatigue. Muscle pain in different areas is a common problem. Especially the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, which may be caused by sitting for a long time or sitting in the wrong position in the office workers. until the disease is office syndrome including pregnant women with hormonal and physiological changes Until causing pain in the joints of the body, which these pain and fatigue can be relieved through massage with different techniques such as Thai traditional massage, reflexology, oil massage, etc. For those who have chronic muscle pain, Deep Tissue Massage like Thai Traditional massage is one of the best ways to relieve pain.
  3. Reduce muscle tension - massage will result in higher Myoglobin levels in Plasma, thereby reducing muscle tightness until it returns to normal. This tension is related to the flexibility of the muscles. It can increase the flexibility of the muscles, which is why you should massage the next one.
  4. Depression therapy - the research results of the Department of Mental Health of Thailand found patients with mild to moderate depression found that the patient felt refreshed Rejuvenated and relaxed when receiving a Thai massage. It also makes eating more rice. sleep better Without experiencing any side effects, the massage will help stimulate blood flow better. As a result, the body secretes endorphins that have stress-relieving properties and reduce depression.
  5. Increase muscle flexibility - massage increases muscle flexibility. Even in the sports world, massage increases flexibility and maximises muscle use. The massage is comparable to warming up before playing sports. In addition, increasing the flexibility of the muscles can also help reduce injuries. For normal people, it can be massaged to reduce muscle pain from heavy use. In Thai traditional medicine, a massage technique compresses to increase flexibility and relax the muscles. Another technique is popular among athletes and people who love to exercise namely Sports massage, which is a technique that helps reduce injuries from using muscles as well.
  6. Stimulate the immune system in the body - scientific research indicates that massage can stimulate the immune system in the body to be more effective. Because the massage will help stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Causes an increase in the number of white blood cells to fight various viruses that enter the body. Also, as mentioned above, massage helps in terms of sleep. Adequate rest will also strengthen your immune system.
  7. Better Sleep - massage helps you sleep better In traditional Thai and Chinese medicine, it is confirmed that when various points in the body are properly stimulated It is considered to help relax various muscles as well. resulting in peace of mind and adjusting the balance in the body appropriately Therefore, sleep is easy and quality. Also, when the body is fully rested, you can wake up refreshed and clear.
  8. Relieve side effects from various diseases in the elderly - for some reason, the elderly are the group that benefited greatly from massage both physically and mentally.

Massage for the elderly can help relieve pain and refresh the mind. For the elderly massage, It is different from massage for people of other ages. Therefore, other disciplines must be applied in conjunction with massages so that massage can relax and alleviate problems caused by diseases and ageing from long-term use of the body, such as arthritis, and sprains.
Thai massage also promotes social quality of life among the elderly according to the rehabilitation centre or hospital who often do not have the opportunity to contact, talk, or interact with others and lack touch.

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