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Platinum Massage Details

Name: Platinum Massage

Location: Soho, London

Service: Female Massage Therapists

Languages: English


ā€œš‘¾š’† š‘¶š’š’š’š š‘¶š’‡š’†š’“ š‘¶š’–š’• š‘Ŗš’‚š’š’ š‘“š’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’†ā€

š‘Æš’š’˜ š’Šš’• š‘¾š’š’“š’Œ?

ā€¢š‘Ŗš’‚š’š’ š‘¶š’“ š‘“š’†š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† š‘“š’† š‘¶š’ š‘¾š’‰š’‚š’•š’”š‘Øš’‘š’‘

ā€¢š‘° š’˜š’Šš’š’ š’”š’†š’š’… š’šš’š’– š’‘š’Šš’„š’•š’–š’“š’† š’˜š’Šš’•š’‰ š’•š’‰š’† š’‚š’—š’‚š’Šš’š’‚š’ƒš’š’† š’‡š’†š’Žš’‚š’š’† š’•š’‰š’†š’“š’‚š’‘š’Šš’”š’•

ā€¢š‘»š’‰š’†š’ š’€š’š’– š‘Ŗš’‰š’š’š’”š’† š’˜š’Šš’„š’‰ š‘¶š’š’† š’€š’š’– š‘¾š’Šš’š’ š‘³š’Šš’Œš’† š‘»š’ š‘Ŗš’š’Žš’† š‘»š’ š‘®š’Šš’—š’† š’€š’š’– š‘»š’‰š’† š‘©š’†š’”š’• š‘­š’–š’š’ š‘©š’š’…š’š š‘“š’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† š‘»š’‰š’†š’“š’‚š’‘š’š
ā€¢š‘»š’‰š’†š’ š‘° š’˜š’Šš’š’ š’”š’†š’š’… š’šš’š’– š‘»š’‰š’† š’•š’‰š’†š’“š’‚š’‘š’Šš’”š’• š’„š’š’š’•š’‚š’„š’• š’…š’†š’•š’‚š’Šš’š’”
ā€¢š‘Øš’š’… š’šš’š’– šŸ š’•š’‚š’Œš’† š’Šš’• š’‡š’“š’š’Ž š’•š’‰š’†š’“š’†ā€¦
š‘·š’“š’Šš’„š’†š’” Ā£60 -šŸ”šŸŽ š‘“š’Šš’ š’†š’™š’„š’š’–š’…š’Šš’š’ˆ š‘»š’“š’‚š’—š’†š’ š‘­š’†š’†
Ā£80-šŸ—šŸŽ š‘“š’Šš’ š’†š’™š’„š’š’–š’…š’Šš’š’ˆ š‘»š’“š’‚š’—š’†š’ š‘­š’†š’†
š‘Ø š’„š’š’‚š’”š’”š’Šš’„ š’‡š’–š’š’ š’ƒš’š’…š’š š‘“š’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† š‘»š’ š’€š’š’–š’“ š‘µš’†š’†š’…š’” š‘¾š’† š‘Æš’‚š’—š’† šŸ“ š‘¬š’–š’“š’š’‘š’†š’‚š’ š‘­š’†š’Žš’‚š’š’†ā€™š’” š‘»š’‰š’†š’“š’‚š’‘š’Šš’”š’•š’” š‘Øš’—š’‚š’Šš’š’‚š’ƒš’š’† š‘»š’ š‘Ŗš’š’Žš’† š‘»š’ š’€š’š’–š’“ š‘Æš’š’Žš’†,vš‘¶š’‡š’‡š’Šš’„š’† š’š’“ š‘Æš’š’•š’†š’ š’‚š’š’š š’•š’Šš’Žš’† š‘¶š’‡ š’•š’‰š’† š‘«š’‚š’š š‘Øš’š’… š‘µš’Šš’ˆš’‰š’•.

š‘Øš‘¹š‘¬š‘Øš‘ŗ š‘¾š‘¬ š‘Ŗš‘¶š‘½š‘¬š‘¹
š‘¾š’† š’„š’š’—š’†š’“ š’‚š’š’ š’‚š’“š’š’–š’š’… š‘³š’š’š’…š’š’ š’Šš’š’„š’š’–š’…š’Šš’š’ˆ š‘Ŗš’†š’š’•š’“š’‚š’ š‘³š’š’š’…š’š’, š’”š’š’Žš’† š’‘š’‚š’“š’•š’” š’š’‡ š‘¬š’”š’”š’†š’™ š’‚š’š’… š‘²š’†š’š’• š’‚š’” š’˜š’†š’š’. š‘¾š’† š’„š’‚š’ š’‚š’š’”š’ š’„š’š’—š’†š’“ š’”š’š’Žš’† š’‘š’‚š’“š’•š’” š’š’‡ š’š’–š’• š’š’‡ š‘³š’š’š’…š’š’ š’‚š’• š’‚š’ š’†š’™š’•š’“š’‚ š’„š’š’”š’• š’‡š’š’“ š’•š’“š’‚š’—š’†š’š’š’Šš’š’ˆ š’…š’†š’‘š’†š’š’…š’Šš’š’ˆ š’š’ š’•š’‰š’† š’‚š’—š’‚š’Šš’š’‚š’ƒš’Šš’š’Šš’•š’š.

š‘“š‘Øš‘ŗš‘ŗš‘Øš‘®š‘¬š‘ŗ š‘¾š‘¬ š‘¶š‘­š‘­š‘¬š‘¹

ā€¢ š‘ŗš’˜š’†š’…š’Šš’”š’‰ š‘“š’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† - š‘»š’‰š’† š’‘š’“š’Šš’Žš’‚š’“š’š š’ˆš’š’‚š’š’” š’š’‡ š‘ŗš’˜š’†š’…š’Šš’”š’‰ š’Žš’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† š’‚š’“š’† š’•š’ š’“š’†š’š’‚š’™ š’ˆš’–š’†š’”š’•š’” š’‚š’š’… š’š’‡š’‡š’†š’“š’” š’•š’‰š’†š’“š’‚š’‘š’†š’–š’•š’Šš’„ š’ƒš’†š’š’†š’‡š’Šš’•š’”
ā€¢ š‘«š’†š’†š’‘ š‘»š’Šš’”š’”š’–š’† š‘“š’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† - š‘»š’‰š’Šš’” š’‰š’†š’š’‘š’” š’•š’ š’†š’‚š’”š’† š’„š’‰š’“š’š’š’Šš’„ š’‚š’„š’‰š’†š’” š’‚š’š’… š’‘š’‚š’Šš’ š’š’Šš’Œš’† š’‚ š’”š’•š’Šš’‡š’‡ š’š’†š’„š’Œ š’‚š’š’… š’–š’‘š’‘š’†š’“ š’ƒš’‚š’„š’Œ, š’š’š’˜š’†š’“ š’ƒš’‚š’„š’Œ š’‘š’‚š’Šš’, š’š’†š’ˆ š’Žš’–š’”š’„š’š’† š’•š’Šš’ˆš’‰š’•š’š’†š’”š’”, š’‚š’š’… š’”š’š’“š’† š’”š’‰š’š’–š’š’…š’†š’“š’”.
ā€¢ š‘¹š’†š’š’‚š’™š’Šš’š’ˆ š‘“š’‚š’”š’”š’‚š’ˆš’† - š‘®š’†š’š’•š’š’† š’‘š’“š’†š’”š’”š’–š’“š’† š’‚š’š’… š’š’š’š’ˆ, š’”š’š’š’˜ š’Žš’š’•š’Šš’š’š’” š’•š’ š’…š’†-š’”š’•š’“š’†š’”š’”, š’„š’‚š’š’Ž š’‚š’š’… š’“š’†š’š’‚š’™ š’•š’‰š’† š’Žš’Šš’š’… š’‚š’š’… š’ƒš’š’…š’š.


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Specialise in

Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage Foot Massage Reflexology Relaxing Massage Swedish Massage Thai Massage 4 Hands Massage Sports Massage
Nearby locations

Soho, Chinatown, St James, Strand, St Giles, Charing Cross, Whitehall, Covent Garden, Mayfair, Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, Aldwych, Marylebone, Holborn, Temple, Hyde Park Corner, Somers Town, Farringdon Without, Blackfriars, Belgravia, Farringdon Within, Farringdon, Millbank, North Southwark, Castlebaynard, Bankside, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, St Pancras, Queenhithe, Bread Street, Pimlico, Pentonville, Vauxhall, Vintry, Lisson Grove, Barbican, Cheap, Angel, Paddington, The Borough, King's Cross, Bassishaw, Elephant and Castle, St Luke's, Camden Town, Knightsbridge, Coleman Street, Cornhill, Langbourn,

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90 mins - -
2 hours - -



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