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Thai Therapies & Traditional Massages In Bradford, West Yorkshire...

  Eastbrook, West Yorkshire     Onsite

Welcome to Bee Bee Thai Massage Therapy in Bradford, your ultimate destination for traditional, authentic, and professional Thai therapies. As a qualified and experienced massage therapist, trained at the prestigious Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society and Wat Po in Bangkok, I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. 👉 We offer following types of treatments: - Traditional Thai Massage - Deep Tissue Massage (with oil) - Thai Yoga Massage (without oil) - Couples Massage - Swedish Massage - Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage - Relaxing head, back, neck and shoulders massage 💆 Our range of massage therapies is...

From £45

Relaxing Massage Swedish Massage Thai Massage + 4 Other Massages

Amazing & Relaxing Thai Massage In Newcastle Upon Tyne At Montra Thai Spa...

  Heaton, Tyne & Wear     Onsite

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience at Montra Thai Massage and Spa in Newcastle upon Tyne. Step into our peaceful sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. 💆 Our team of professional and experienced therapists from Thailand offers the best Thai Massage at affordable prices, using their unique blend of traditional Thai and Western techniques in a serene atmosphere. 🙌 Rest assured that our therapists at Montra Thai Massage and Spa in Newcastle upon Tyne have received training in Thailand and bring years of expertise to their practice. Let them...

From £25

4 Hands Massage Couples Massage Hot Stone Massage + 4 Other Massages

Natural Well Being Massage Near Leicester In Syston...

  Syston, Leicestershire     Onsite

Greetings from Natural Wellbeing Massage in the vibrant city of Leicester. Our mission is to offer you exceptional professional and relaxing full-body massage treatments that will rejuvenate your senses and leave you feeling revitalized. Our team of skilled Oriental massage therapists is dedicated to ensuring you have an incredible experience that will help you re-balance and re-energize your body. 💆‍♂️ Professional Expertise. At Natural Wellbeing Massage, we take pride in our commitment to professionalism and excellence. Our therapists are trained, qualified, and highly experienced in the art of massage therapy. With their friendly and caring approach, you'll immediately feel at ease...

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Tui Na Massage Hot Stone Massage Swedish Massage + 2 Other Massages

Authentic Chinese Massage In Plymouth, Devon...

  Millbay, Devon     Onsite

Step into a world of revitalization and massage right here in the heart of Plymouth. Great Tang Chinese Massage is your sanctuary for the ultimate relaxation experience, where everyday stresses and tensions simply fade away. 💆‍♀️✨ Located in the charming city of Plymouth, our massage haven is designed to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's a place where worries are replaced by serenity, and your well-being takes centre stage. 🌿 Your Journey to Pure Relaxation 🌿 At Great Tang Chinese Massage Plymouth, we're all about making you feel your best. Our seasoned therapists are masters of the...

From £30

Relaxing Massage Swedish Massage Reflexology + 4 Other Massages

Relaxing Full Body Massage By European Therapists Near Ruislip...

  Ruislip, London     Onsite

Our qualified, insured and fully experienced therapists provide the best massage to meet every individuals needs. Please call us to book massage service in advance....

From £40

Relaxing Massage Thai Massage Reflexology + 7 Other Massages

Kingpaya Spa & Thai Massage In Northampton...

  Northampton, Northamptonshire     Onsite & Offsite (Mobile)

Kingpaya Thai Spa & Massage Therapy in Northampton invites you to experience a world of bliss nestled in the heart of Northampton. Our sanctuary of wellness offers a diverse range of massage therapies that cater to your unique needs and preferences, all within an exquisitely renovated environment designed to elevate your comfort. 🌟 The Pinnacle of Rejuvenation 🌟 Step into our haven of serenity, where every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide you with the utmost comfort. Our premises have undergone a recent formation, featuring brand-new showers and massage beds, all elegantly designed to offer you a rejuvenating escape. We take...

From £25

Deep Tissue Massage Reflexology 4 Hands Massage + 4 Other Massages

Authentic Chang Thai Massage In Weston-Super-Mare...

  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset     Onsite

Hello from Chang Thai Massage, your serene oasis in the heart of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. In a world where the pace of life can be overwhelming, it's essential to prioritize self-care and relaxation. At Chang Thai Massage, we invite you to embark on a journey of rejuvenation and tranquillity, guided by our fully qualified professional masseuses. 🌟 Our offerings encompass a spectrum of massage styles, each designed to restore the harmony of your mind and body. We take pride in providing authentic Thai traditional massage, Thai hot oil massage, the luxurious four hands massage, and the soothing Swedish Massage. These therapies draw...

From £30

Thai Massage Swedish Massage 4 Hands Massage

Oriental Chinese Massage In Coventry...

  Wyken Green, West Midlands     Onsite & Offsite (Mobile)

**Revitalize Your Senses at Coventry Massage Shop** Experience the ultimate relaxation with our range of specialized massages. Choose from soothing Hot Oil, therapeutic Hot Stone, classic Swedish, or intense Deep Tissue massage. Book Your Appointment Today! Visit us at: 185 Blackberry Lane, Coventry, CV2 3JT *Appointments welcome to ensure personalized service.* Rediscover your well-being with us!...

From £30

Shiatsu Massage Relaxing Massage Deep Tissue Massage + 5 Other Massages

Paradise Thai Massage In Liverpool - Merseyside...

  Edge Hill, Merseyside     Onsite

Are you in need of a professional Thai massage in the heart of Liverpool? At Paradise Thai Massage, we believe in the art of relaxation and the power of rejuvenation. Allow us to be your oasis of serenity in the bustling city centre, where you can immerse yourself in the ancient healing traditions of Thai massage. Our skilled therapists are not only friendly but also fully qualified in the art of massage, with a wealth of experience garnered from the tranquil lands of Thailand. 🌿 Thai Massage: Experience the wonder of Thai massage, a therapy that harmonizes your mind and body....

From £25

Deep Tissue Massage Swedish Massage Thai Massage + 1 Other Massages

Healthcare Sports Massage Near Birmingham - Quinton...

  Ridgacre, West Midlands     Onsite

🌟 Welcome to our serene massage centre in Quinton, West Midlands, just a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Birmingham. At our centre, we take immense pride in offering you a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, led by our skilled team of ITEC Level 3 massage therapists and CTNRTA-certified Tui Na Massage Therapists. With over six years of clinical experience, we are your trusted partners on your wellness journey, ready to provide you with a range of therapeutic and revitalizing massages. 💆‍♂️ Massage for Mind and Body - our holistic approach to wellness focuses on therapeutic massage, Sports Massages,...

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Swedish Massage Tui Na Massage Deep Tissue Massage + 1 Other Massages

Great Massage In Southside At Healing Point - Glasgow...

  Battlefield, City of Glasgow     Onsite

Welcome to Healing Point Massage In Southside, Glasgow 🌟. Are you yearning for a haven of relaxation? Perhaps you seek a rejuvenating detox for your body and soul. Look no further, as we introduce you to the exquisite world of hot oil massages, a treatment that promises to cend you into bliss. 🌼 Hot Oil Massage: A Symphony of Comfort and Healing 💆‍♂️ Imagine warm, fragrant oils caressing your skin, soothing away stiffness and stress. A hot oil massage is more than a mere treatment; it's an experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. As the expert hands of our therapists...

From £30

Lomilomi Massage Trigger Point Therapy Thai Massage + 9 Other Massages

Massage In Derby - Beauty & Facial Treatments For Men And Women...

  The Holmes, Derbyshire     Onsite

In need of a professional massage or beauty treatment in Derby? Look no further! Our haven of serenity nestled within Derby City Centre, where beauty and massage treatments are delivered by a fully qualified therapist with a wealth of experience. At Venus Nails & Beauty, we are dedicated to enhancing your well-being and radiance. 🌟 Exquisite Massage Expertise. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with our extensive massage treatments. Our therapist is not only fully qualified but also deeply about the art of massage. With several years of experience, we offer a range of massage techniques, including the soothing...

From £25

Relaxing Massage Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage + 1 Other Massages

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How To Look for The Best Spas Massage Places In London & The UK

It seems that everybody in London & the United Kingdom is having some massage therapy nowadays. Popularized by celebrities who schedule a massage and a spa twice and a week, British have also started to get more massage treatments in London and the UK. The end result is that there are a number of massage therapy clinics and massage shops that have opened shop in virtually every street corner. Most popular massages places in London are those offered by Chinese and Thai massage therapists. Spas offer a range of massage and beauty treatments, some of them located in prestigious areas around London and five star hotels.

With so many clinics & massage shops to choose from nowadays, it has become really hard to choose a really good one. Some of these so-called massage shops are only there for the fad, one must be shrewd enough to separate the legitimate ones from those who are just riding the bandwagon but are not really adept with the real techniques of massage therapy. Below are some tips on how to find a good massage clinic and massage places in London and the UK.

Go For The Tried & Tested Spa & Massage Place

When looking for a good massage therapy places near you in the UK, go for the tried and tested. They may be more expensive but you can be sure that what you are getting is a safe and effective massage. You see, if not done correctly, massage therapy can also cause health problems as a little too much pressure can also bruise the skin. When you say tried and tested, it does not mean that you will go for the upscale ones whose therapy can be ultra-expensive. What you can do is ask for referrals from people who are very much into massage therapy. Those who do this on a weekly basis will definitely have one or two recommendations that you will definitely use.

Ask About Massage Techniques & Qualifications

If you are the adventurous type and you are not afraid of trying out a service, then try the service of different massage therapy clinics in London. You will not always get good service and at some point, you will even experience the worst kind of service but at least you have tried the service yourself and have not relied on mere hearsay. Of course, when you say trying it out for yourself, this does not mean that you will just go inside any massage therapy clinic. You can search for Spas and massage places near you in London & the UK on Massages Me UK now.

Please hit the search bar above, type your postcode or town and find most appealing or closest massage place near you. You can contact the massage place or Spa by phone, text or WhatsApp. Check out the place first and try to learn about the various massages that they do. You can also look into the oils that they use as well as strokes that they employ. Ask about the massage therapists qualifications and ask if they have licenses to practice. This way, you can be sure that what you are getting into is completely safe for your body and your mind.

How Much An Hour Of A Massage Cost At Spas In The UK?

The average cost for a full body relaxing massage in the UK is £55. You can choose a massage places near you in the UK offering Chinese, Thai, Swedish or Deep Tissue massages at £49 per hour. Shorter treatment cost on average of £35 for 30 minutes partial body massage – neck, back, head or foot massage.

How Much An Hour Of A Massage Cost At Spas in London?

The average cost of getting a massage for a one hour treatment at a salon or spa in London cost £70. A professional full body relaxing or Swedish massage cost £60 and upwards per hour. Deep Tissue & Sports massage are more expensive as they are compared to physiotherapy professional treatments and on average cost £80 per hour.

What Are Most Popular Massage Treatments In The UK?

Most popular massage treatments in London & the UK are Thai, Swedish and full body relaxing massages. Many Chinese and Thai massage places in the UK offer a range of massage techniques from relaxing, Sports, Deep Tissue to more exotic massage treatments such as Balinese or Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages.

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